Friday, 29 January 2010

Virus game project finished and starting up graduation project

Finally an update on my blog. Last week we completely finished the Virus Game Project. Together with some other students (Tim Jansen, Mitko Kralev, Jan Meyer, Lex Offerman, Jelle Barendregt and Frank van der Bijl) I had to make a game for veterinary students. It was commissioned by Utrecht University. Our brief was to develop a game about a virus outbreak on a petting zoo (kinderboerderij). This game should teach veterinary students how to deal with such an outbreak and make the best possible choices. Due to time constraints (we had less than 6 months) and the complexity of the subject matter we didn't produce a finished game/simulation. Here you can see a trailer of how the game should have been conceptwise:

As promotion material I made three papercraft models of game characters. The first one in the little girl. You can download the PDF and cut and glue your own model if you want to.

Other news is that together with Percy Tienhooven, I started working on our graduation project this week. We had some nice brainstorm sessions resulting in some interesting ideas. The vague idea we had is really shaping up now. More information will follow soon. So stay tuned ;).

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  1. So Jasper, what happened with the game?